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Services of the Industrial Logistics Park Managing Company

  • Granting lease of land plots to ILP residents with an option to purchase.
  • Issue of technical specifications for connection to the ILP infrastructure facilities.
  • Connection of the Park residents’ facilities to the existing ILP infrastructure facilities.
  • Technical consultations on connection to the ILP infrastructure facilities.
  • Assistance in infrastructure requirements generation.
  • Maintenance services.


The Park residents are granted lease of land plots for the construction period with an option of purchase. A fixed price is set for all investors:

  • land plot purchase: RUB 7.1 mln per hectare;
  • land plot leasing: RUB 710 000 per hectare annually.

This price includes the cost of connection to infrastructure facilities (heat and power supply, gas supply, wastewater disposal, ILP motor and railway roads). The Managing Company performs the construction of all necessary utilities and infrastructure lines up to the Resident’s land plot boundaries.