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CJSC Logopark Tolmachevo

JSC Sladomir Logistic Group

JSC Liotech

ООО "Логопарк ЮГ" (ранее ООО "ПНК-Толмачево")

CJSC Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy

Gloria Jeans Corporation

Armaton LLC

Bazalt (Research and Production Association)

Trading House Sibalux Ltd.


ООО "Восточная снековая компания"


ООО "РусАгроМаркт-Новосибирск"

ООО "Роспак"


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CJSC Rosa is the leader in engineering, construction, reconstruction and installation of the water-treatment systems in Siberian region.




Logopark Tolmachevo Company is building the complex of   “A” class warehouses in Novosibirsk.

Sladomir Logistic Group Company is  the largest  wholesale supplier of  the confectionery  in the market of  Siberia and the Far East.

The Limited Liability Company "Lithium-ion technology" (LLC "Liotech") is a project company of JSC RUSNANO. Liotech company has been set up for realization of the project on production of up-to-date lithium-ion batteries (LIB) in Russia.

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Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy is a leading producer of modern industrial plastic packaging in Russia and CIS countries that is used for transportation and storage of chemical, petrochemical and food products, as well as dangerous goods.



Gloria Jeans is a vertically integrated retailer, the largest Russian retailer specializing in fashion apparel, footwear and accessories for customers of all ages under the Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay brand.



Armaton LLC is a member of The First Building Fund Group constructing houses and residential complexes. Armaton LLC Plant intends to produce reinforced concrete components

Production of the thermal insulating material on basis of staple basaltic fiber.

Sibalux Group has been working in the construction materials market since 2006 and has been producing and selling fire resistant aluminum composite panels under SIBALUX brand name. The composite panel is universal facade material with unlimited range of application. The company's products have undergone quality control tests required by Russian legislation and have all the necessary permits and licenses. The company is headquartered in Novosibirsk.



Transnational holding company is one of the largest manufacturers of retail refrigeration equipment, founded in 1963. Today it unites about twenty factories worldwide.

ARNEG Group includes such well-known brands producing retail equipment as Intrac, Incold, Oscartielle and Sirman. ARNEG has a lot of subsidiaries in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, South Korea and Australia.